Quarter 2 Week 8

Dear Second Grade Parents,

We are so sorry for missing the blog post this week! The Thanksgiving holiday had our routines turned upside-down. We know this week is almost at an end, but here is what we have been up to!

ELA: We are working on adjectives and adverbs, parts of a paragraph, and making connections in reading. We have also been reading Sarah Plain and Tall.

Math: We have been working on our 2’s multiplication facts. 3’s will start tomorrow!

Science: We have been discussing the digestive system.

History: This week we discussed Chinese Inventions and Calligraphy.

Quarter 2 Week 7

Happy Thanksgiving week! Hope you all get to spend a wonderful holiday with friends and family. Here is what we are up to this week (sorry for the late post!)

ELA: This week we are continuing to look at main idea and details in paragraph. We will begin making connections in reading, and work on adverb parsing. Also, we are beginning Sarah Plain and Tall.

Math: We are making fact family turkeys and starting to work on our 2’s and 3’s facts.

History: This week we will talk about the Great Wall!

Science: Next week we will continue our lesson on the digestive system. We will be learning about the esophagus and the stomach.

Tomorrow us jeans and no pop-culture shirt day!

Quarter 2 Week 6

Announcement from team second grade: Please have your child bring in Sarah Plain and Tall by November 25th.

Important Dates School Wide:

  • Crazy Hat Day 11/15
  • Silly String Fight 11/22
  • R&R Weekend 11/26 – no homework
  • Thanksgiving Break 11/27-11/29 – no school

Next Week:

ELA: This week we will begin our study of paragraph writing, which will continue for the remainder of the year. We will be adding adverbs to our grammar knowledge. Our knowledge of main idea and detail will be strengthened as we focus on this skill in small groups. When reading at home, make sure to listen is we are reading with expression as we are working on this in groups as well. Also, our final poem of the quarter is going home Monday. We will be assigning stanzas for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore that will be recited on December 13th.

Math: We will continue to work on multiplication and division. Students will use arrays to relate multiplication to division and solve words problems. We will have our unit test on Friday, 11/22!

Science: Next week we begin our study on the digestive system! We will learn about how the teeth and taste. It will be a fun week! Ask your child about the taste lab (towards the end of the week).

History: In History we are diving deeper into our unit on Ancient China. We will be discussing family, ancestors, and Confucius. Your child will be making a small family tree in class.

Comprehension/Fluency Change

We have made a change to our homework schedule. Comprehension and Fluency will go out on Wednesdays and is due back on Fridays. Please do fluency twice with your child between Wednesday and Thursday evening. Please read the comprehension book 1-2 times per night, there will be a quiz on their book on Friday.

Quarter 4 Week 5

Science: We are continuing our unit on the human body this week. We will be learning about the nervous system and the digestive system. 

ELA: We will be finishing our letter writing unit by writing thank you letters. Our verb tense unit will also be coming to an end. We will be exploring main idea and detail in passages we read in anticipation of beginning paragraph writing. Our poem “Something Told the Wild Geese” will be recited Friday.

Math: We will be starting division. Students will divide equally into a given number of groups and divide by grouping a specified number to find the number of groups. Math Galileo will be on Thursday, 11/14.

History: We will dive into our new unit on Ancient China by looking at China’s two great rivers, the Yellow River and the Yangtze River.

There will be no homework on Tuesday, due to the Fall Concert!

We have also decided to stop Wednesday reading groups. This will allow us to focus more on our teacher led reading groups on throughout the week. Reach out to your individual teacher if you have questions or would like to participate in a different way!

Quarter 2 Week 4

ELA: We will be learning about irregular past tense verbs. Our letter writing unit will continue as we solidify our knowledge of the parts of a letter. We will also learn to identify the nonfiction text features.

History: We will be wrapping up our unit on Ancient India with a review and a quiz. Look out for a study guide coming home on Monday. The quiz will take place on Friday.

Science: We will be continuing to learn about the human body. This week we cover the muscular system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system. We will also be talking about how these systems all work together.

Math: We will be learning starting our multiplication and division unit. Students will learn how to use equal groups and arrays to solve multiplication problems.

Winter Concert Coming Up!

Information for the Winter Concert!

Dear Archway Lincoln Families,
The Winter Concert is coming up!  Here is the information everyone should know:
1.  The concert is MANDATORY – if a student cannot come for an unavoidable reason, their family must inform me TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE (October 29th) so they can be given a substitute assignment.  If a student is sick the day of the concert, the family must send a message that day informing me.  If a student does not attend the concert and no explanation is given, they receive a failing grade for the concert.
2.  DRESS CODE: Students must wear black on bottom, white on top.  Black shoes, black pants (black skirt option for girls), black socks/tights, white shirt, and a tie for boys (bowtie is fine). Tie optional for K-2. Color/pattern of your choice. No pop culture.
3.  Times and Location (please note student call times): Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades – 5:30 PM
students arrive at 5:00pm

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades – 7:00 PM
students arrive at 6:45pm

Higley Center for the Performing Arts
4132 E. Pecos Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85295

It’s going to be a wonderful evening of performances!